CoolSculpting Side Effects You Should Know About

Coolsculpting is a term used to refer to a technology used to reduce fat via controlled cooling. This non-invasive procedure is becoming more popular since it is a safe way to eliminate fat and there are fewer risks involved compared to surgical procedures.

This procedure consists in targeting stubborn fat with a special device that will eliminate the fat cells by freezing them. The device does not affect the skin and there are a number of safety features built-in Coolsculpting devices. Your skin will not be affected since the machine will automatically shut down if it detects that the temperature of your skin is dropping.

What to Expect After a CoolSculpting Procedure

There are a few Coolsculpting side effects you should know about if you are thinking about undergoing this procedure to get rid of unwanted fat. The area that is being treated will typically feel numb during and immediately after the treatment. You might experience tingling and mild pain. The area usually becomes red and bruising can appear. In some cases, the area that was treated might swell or firmness might develop. These side effects will go away after a few hours and are naturally caused by exposure to cold temperature and by suction from the Coolsculpting device.
Other Coolsculpting side effects will probably appear in the days that follow the treatment. The area might still look red and swollen and feel firm to the touch. You might still experience numbness, tingling or itching. Some patients experience mild pain and tenderness a few days after the procedure and cramping can sometimes occur.
Some side effects can last up to a month after the Coolsculpting procedure. The area might still look red and you might experience itching or and swelling. Pain and tenderness might subside for a few weeks but these symptoms should go away after a few weeks.

How Long Do Side Effects from Coolsculpting Last

These side effects will go away by themselves after a while. Your recovery time will vary in function of where the procedure was performed. And since everyone is different, some patients will recover faster than others and might not experience some of these symptoms at all. However, you should know that these side effects are likely to affect you since they are a natural result of freezing fat cells.

There are some side effects associated with Coolsculpting and it is important to know what to expect before deciding if this is a good option for you. These side effects might affect your ability to work or to perform certain tasks depending on where the procedure will be performed since tenderness and mild pain might limit your mobility.
Side effects will be more severe if a large area is treated since a larger device will be used. If you are thinking about having fat removed from your midsection with this procedure, you should expect the side effects to last for a few weeks. Healing will be a lot quicker if you want to have fat removed from your arms or thighs since a smaller applicator will be used for the procedure.